FAQs on Malaysia KTM Train Ticketing

Travel in the Malaysian Subcontinent can be daunting to those who are not used to the sheer size and diversity of the country. Everywhere, the traveller encounters milling masses of people in a constant state of motion. Malaysia has a varied topography across its spread and the Malaysia ETS Train do a superb job of linking the country.

Malaysia ETS Train

The efficiency of Malaysia ETS Train has been a subject of considerable debate – but when one considers the statistics of tracks involved, Malaysia ETS Train have developed a website for the benefit of rail passengers. The website provides updated information about trains, major stations, running time, distances and passenger amenities on trains. The traveller can from the comfort of his armchair, plan his travel, book, modify or cancel tickets and even avail of the package tours along popular tourist destinations. The website Malaysia ETS Train, easybook.com provides online ticket booking, detailed time tables, distance between stations and passenger fares at the click of a mouse.

FAQS Regarding eTicketing



  • What are the acceptable proofs of Identity to be carried at the time of travelling on an e-ticket at easybook.com?
  • Is the printed copy of eticket mandatory?

As per amended regulations, the screen dump of the e- ticket reservation on laptop, mobile or iPad is admissible

  • What document should be carried by passengers in case of partial cancellation
  • In case of partial cancellation against multiple booking, the passengers continuing their travel should carry a copy of ERS.
  • Will I get a refund in case I cancel a reservation?
  • There are no refunds in case of cancellation against a reservation.
  • It is possible to book a rail ticket from outside Malaysia. The foreign currency equivalent of ticket charges will be charged to the passenger.
  • How do I cancel a ticket booked by an agent?
    Tickets booked by agents should be cancelled through the agent
  • Are there any special tour packages for foreign tourists:
    Malaysian Railways operates train tours like the Palace of Wheels.

Cheap Train Fares are available to the public on certain journeys throughout the Malaysia, these train fares could help train travellers save a substantial amount of money each day, week, month and year as they won’t have to fork out huge sums each month to pay their train travel fares. How is this possible and how are people finding these cheap train fares?

They are using the internet which is what most people do these days when looking for quick answers and solutions to problems. The internet has so much to offer when it comes to saving and making money, which is why so many people are using it to buy cheap train fares each day for long distance train journeys across the United Kingdom.

The internet has so much to offer when it comes to saving and making money, which is why so many people are using it to buy cheap train fares each day for long distance train journeys across the United Kingdom.

There are websites online that allow you to simply pump in your destination and where you would like to travel to, and they will come back with the cheapest price you will find and you can purchase them there and then. This way you won’t have to go to a train station and purchase high price tickets, you can get them cheaply from the comfort of your own home.

Bintan Island of Indonesia

Bintan is one of the islands of Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. It is situated at distance of about 40 km from Singapore. Its capital Tanjung Pinang is actually the capital of Riau Archipelago. One can easily recognize the importance of Bintan Island after going through the article.

Bintan – Rich in History


In comparison to Batam, Bintan is richer in its history. In conjugation with the background, it has more historical sites to visit. The history of Bintan is intertwined closely with those of Malacca and Johor Sultanates. Bintan and the rest of Archipelago were once upon a time ruled by the Malacca Sultanate.

When the Portugese attacked Malacca in 1511, its king fled to Pahang of Malay Peninsula and later to Bintan where he tried to repossess Malacca. His successor moved to Johor and finally established the Johor Sultanate. Later on the Dutch gained control of the Bintan Island! However the Dutch was later driven out by a force supported by the Malacca Sultanate.

Raja Ali Haji – The Hero of Bintan

In 1824, the Treaty of London finally settled the fact that the islands south of Singapore are Dutch Territories. Again Bintan was under the control of the Dutch. Pulau Penyengal is a must see historical site for visitors. It is situated at about 6 km from Tanjung Penang. It was the cultural, religious an administrative centre of the region in 19th century.

Sultan Mahmud Shah of Malacca gave this island to his bride, Raja Hamidah, the daughter of Raja Ali Haji, the Bugis commander of Bintan in an attempt to reach peace between the Malay and Bugis. A grand mosque, Masjid Raya was built on the island. The mosque is huge and is visible from Tanjung Pinang.

Raja Ali Haji was the hero to the people of Bintan. There is a monument by the seaside that commemorates him who sacrificed his life for his people against the Dutch. Within the town of Tanjung Pinang, there is a Dutch Colonial Graveyard which reflects the life of the seamen at the old days.

Popular Places to Visit Bintan

To visit popular places in Bintan from Singapore, one of the wise choice is to book Singapore ferry to Bintan via online booking portal. Banyan Tree Temple is a popular place for the local Chinese community and Singapore visitors. It is situated in a town called Senggarang. The temple is about 100 years old. For holiday makers, there are broadly 2 areas to be chosen. The Lagoi at the northern part and Trikora Beach at the east of the island!

Lagoi is full of high end resorts like Banyan Tree Resort and Club Med Ria. These are exclusive resorts complete with golf courses designed by world renowned golf course designers. Resorts and hotels at the Trikora Beach are affordable to almost all the average visitors.

Some of them include; Bintan Agro Beach Resorts, resorts complete with fishing facilities like Ocean Bay Resort and Kolam Kelong Trikora. There is even a resort providing diving guide, i.e., Traveler Pondok Wisita. Visitors may stay in its air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned roome overnight prior to diving. Bintan is easily accessible from Johor Bahru and Singapore by ferry.


Getting familiar with car hire in Malaysia

While on vacation, people generally fret about the public transportation aspects and try to look for alternatives which let them have fun and give them the perfect opportunity to be at ease too. When Malaysia is the locale that one is zeroing in for a vacation, te best way to travel is by renting a car service and drive the way across the nation!

However, it is easier than one may think of! Renting a car can be done by simply checking the available company in the internet where the options are more than plenty in terms of car types available, affordability and the peak factors.

While the booking can be done from the car rental services company sites with utmost ease, online options of booking are available where most of the companies offer huge discounts too.
While, after booking, in case Malaysia is a new country for a traveler, chances are that he or she may not be sure of the places they might travel to with the car. Thus, to make the things easier we are going to talk about the few places one can take the car and enjoy the serene and picturesque locales of Malaysia.

The Road Trip Destinations; Malaysia


There are various locales of interest in Malaysia where travelling by car would be an experience by itself. One of the best way to get cheapest car rental in langkawi from easybook. However, here we have tried to collate the best of the five options which are surely going to be the best road trip options ever!

1. Kukup Island: This one is surely going to be a welcome break for the city dwellers where the serene and calm old fishing village will welcome one with arms stretched. The awesome seafood options tagged with the spectacular sunset view than one can catch in between 6 30 pm to 7 30 pm can make the trip more than memorable indeed!

2. Desaru Beach: This locale in Malaysia might be called as one of the virgin beaches which offers a great road trip as well. An amazing place to surf along with just lazing around under the sun, this place is a paradise which is yet untouched by tourists.

3. Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur: Driving to this amazing abode located at the northern end of Kuala Lumpur, this limestone outcrop never fails to impress. While the Hindu Temple is a must watch in here, the lovely naturally formed caves are a nature’s treasure one must not miss!

4. Melaka: Also named to be the “Venice of the east”, Melaka is a must visit while on a car ride which is full of heritage architecture along with the cruising experience which is more than fulfilling if not more. The street food of Jonker Street is something one must experience as well.

5. Cameron Highlands: Last but not the least, a drive to the spectacular Cameron Highlands will take visitor’s breath away for sure. This place gets one a great view of sprawling green tea plantations along with the sunrise view up on the Gurung Brinchang which has a steep road system that one needs to be aware of though!